Anonymous asked: Do you plan on looking at all the apps tomorrow or just some?

I will definitely look over all of the apps tomorrow and accept the ones that I think best fit the character. 

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Anonymous asked: maybe molly weasley? :D

Good idea! I’ll release her bio sometime early tomorrow!

Anonymous asked: what time will you be accepting? (how much time do i have left to send in a last minute app?)

I won’t be accepting until tomorrow at 8 pm EST, so you have plenty of time!

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Only one more day until the opening date! Are there any last minute bios you would like to see before acceptances tomorrow? 

I would also love to see a few more applications sent in! Come check out some of the open characters and apply!

Anonymous asked: What will Louis Weasley be like?

Louis Weasley will be a Hufflepuff with the fc of Chace Crawford. He is a very relaxed, laid back kind of guy. He’s very accepting and open-minded with everyone and everything. 

That is all I have about him at this moment because I have not started working on his bio yet. But if you have any other ideas for his character, just let me know!

Anonymous asked: What is Lysander like?

I have not yet decided on his character yet! Are there any specific characteristics you would like him to have before I get to work on him and his brother?

Jacqueline Flint || 6th Year || Slytherin || Pureblood || Nina Dobrev || Open


Most children Jacqueline’s age grew up in loving households, surrounded by a loving family with their parents looking out for them. But Jacqueline was never so fortunate. At the age of four, Ministry officials barged into the Flint home, grabbing both of Jacqueline’s parents and taking them away. A few hours later, they were found guilty due to their involvement with the Death Eaters and whisked away to Azkaban. Jacqueline never had the chance to say goodbye. She expected to be put into a foster home, but instead her aunt took her in. Although this may sound pleasant, Jacqueline’s aunt was not the kind who you could easily love. Not only was she very harsh and strict with the young girl, she was unemployed and had to live in a shack due to this. Every night, when she believed Jacqueline to be asleep, she would sneak out of the home and sell herself to random men in order to make a living. Throughout her childhood, Jacqueline had to take care of herself, knowing very well that her aunt wouldn’t do anything to help her.

It was an obvious choice when the Sorting Hat was placed on Jacqueline’s head. Not a single soul was shocked when it screamed out “Slytherin”. In fact, Jacqueline expected it to. She had no doubt in her mind that she would be placed in any other House, seeing how much she is like her parents. They were taken to Azkaban for trying to support their beliefs, and Jacqueline wanted to continue their work. She joined the Fallen Phoenix as soon as Elijah told her about it, and she knows that this group is the one place she truly feels like she belongs. She despises muggles and mudbloods, and believes that people who accept them are just as bad. When Elijah brought up the idea of showing the world what the Fallen Phoenix was made of, Jacqueline was one of the first to volunteer for whatever task he had in mind. As a matter of fact, she was one of Catherine Timber’s murderers. She was the one who casted the Killing Curse, and she is proud of what she’s done.

No matter how much she hates her aunt, Jacqueline still developed a few qualities from her. Namely her seduction techniques. Whenever she wants something, it is simple for her to seduce them into doing whatever she wants. She has this way with words that could make anyone fall for her or please her in every way. She uses this to manipulate others, and even those who know of her tactics end up falling for it. She can act as if she’s a sweetheart, but she is the farthest thing from that. She puts on this fake face that makes everyone see her as a damsel in distress almost all of the time, but if you get too close, her fangs will come out. Jacqueline is also a very reserved girl. She hates when people try to dig into who she truly is and will push anyone away that tries. The more people know about her, the weaker she feels. Hence why she would do anything to make sure her entire life is a mystery to everyone else. She can also be drastic, no matter what the cost may be.


  • Lily Potter - Friend. Friend is the best word Jacqueline can think of that describes her and Lily’s relationship. Although she despised the youngest Potter at first, she eventually realized how similar they truly are. Even if she doesn’t open up too much about her life to Lily, she still thinks she is a pretty good friend of her’s.
  • Elijah Nott - Ally. Jacqueline doesn’t consider Elijah as a friend, more like an ally. Whatever task he has in mind for the Fallen Phoenix, Jacqueline is one of the first to volunteer. She likes the fact that he is committed to the group and that he brings everyone who has the same beliefs together.
  • Frank Longbottom - Enemy. Ever since Frank and Jacqueline were paired together in class during their first year, Jacqueline has teased him. It’s simple for her to make fun of his awkward self. He always tries to stand up to her and tell her to stop, but this just eggs Jacqueline on.

Other Relationship: N/A

Titles: N/A

As I work on Jacqueline’s bio, let me know any other characters you would like to see posted! There are still a couple more days until acceptances!

Frank Longbottom || 6th Year || Gryffindor || Half-Blood || Andrew Garfield || Open


Frank Longbottom was always that awkward child. Much like his father when he was younger, Frank is a mess. He’s the one who is constantly tripping over his two feet, or accidentally dropping everything in his hands. Although most people relate this to what his father was like, Frank still has his own ways of handling his clumsiness. He tends to laugh it off and constantly makes jokes out of it, which ends up getting everyone around him laughing, as well. Even though he hates how clumsy he is, he enjoys making everyone laugh. Seeing everyone smiling and having a good time brings happiness to Frank, and he loves that he has that kind of effect on others. When Frank was younger, he wasn’t always smiling. There was a point when he believed he wasn’t worth much. After all, he was trapped in his older sister’s shadow. He looked at Alice and thought she was the perfect person, the kind that everyone loves. Meanwhile, he was no where near that. 

Once Frank went off to Hogwarts, he couldn’t help being nervous. He was still a bit insecure about how much he was worth when he had a sister like Alice. As he tried on the Sorting Hat, he was terrified. What if he wasn’t a Gryffindor? Would he be a disgrace? Would his family look at him in a lesser way? But, luckily, Frank never had to find out the answers to those questions. As he grew up and his age increased, Frank slowly learned more about himself. He showed up to Hogwarts as an insecure, awkward boy. But as he blossomed throughout the years, he became much more secure and happy with himself. He learned how great of a person he could be as long as he put in some effort, and instantly he was smiling everywhere he went. One thing that had always been obvious about Frank was his bravery. When he was younger, his father told him all about his terrible years in Hogwarts and Neville encouraged him to stand up for himself, to never let anyone bring him down. Frank took that too heart, doing whatever he could to make sure no one ever had the chance to bully him.

Frank may be clumsy and awkward, but he is truly a great guy all around. He is kind and loyal, always willing to do whatever he can for the people he cares about. He uses his nice nature to help him make friends, and to hopefully hide his awkwardness a tad. He secretly hopes that people will know him for the kindness that he has in his heart instead of for his awkward and clumsy personality. Although, he knows very well that this is a dream that is nearly impossible to achieve. Frank is also a brave man, just like how his father is to this day. One word that could easily describe Frank is dorky. He likes a lot of things that give him the title of a nerd, especially comic books. He loves reading the fictional stories within the pages, especially those about superheroes. Normally, he tries to hide this side of him from the people who don’t know him too well. After all, he doesn’t want to be labeled as a nerd by the entire school for the remainder of his years there.


  • Alice Longbottom - Sister. Even though he used to be jealous and insecure because of Alice, Frank gets along with his sister very well. He considers her as a close friend and would do anything for her, and he knows she’s the same way. No matter what happens and how many times they fight, he will always love his sister.
  • Albus Potter - Friend. Albus and Frank easily get along. They both can be very awkward boys, but channel it in different ways. Frank tries to help Albus out and bring him out of his shell, encouraging him to embrace his personality and love it. Frank’s always there for the younger boy whenever he needs it.
  • Roxanne Weasley - Friend/Love Interest. Frank and Roxanne has been friends for years, which is why he fears to tell her his feelings. Secretly, he has developed a crush on his friend, but he’s worried that if he ever tries to pursue her, it could ruin their relationship. Plus, he has no clue on what he would say if he wanted to tell her the truth. 

Other Relationship: Jacqueline Flint

Titles: N/A