Anonymous asked: Isn't Victorie Weasley supposed to be with Teddy Lupin?

If it was 19 years after the Battle of Hogwarts, then yes, they are supposed to be together. Although, this roleplay is three years after the epilogue, meaning anything could have happened. Being realistic, many relationships don’t last three full years. So the roleplayer has the freedom to decide whether or not they broke up within the past three years, or if they never became an official couple in the first place.

Also, I’ve noticed many Victoire characters have centered around their relationship with Teddy, and that is one thing I want to steer clear of in this roleplay. Victoire is her own character, and I would prefer she was in a relationship with a someone she has chemistry with. Perhaps, if I bring in staff members in the future, she and Teddy may have chemistry. But for now, she is single and has the freedom to be in any relationship she wishes.

Anonymous asked: This roleplay is flawless.

Thank you so much! That really means a lot!

After much consideration, I decided that it’s time for me to get a co-admin! I would love some help writing bios and running the roleplay, so if you’re interested, feel free to apply here!

Victoria Greengrass || 6th Year || Slytherin || Pureblood || Amber Heard || Open


Growing up, Victoria had the life any pureblood should. With a large manor over her head, she and her parents lived together in harmony. They were very close, and Victoria loved every moment spent with them. Being an only child, her parents gave her everything she wanted. They wanted their daughter to have the best life possible, and they would go to the ends of the earth to make this happen. After all, they had more money than they could ever spend, so it was simple to buy young Victoria whatever she wished for. Most people believed this to be the typical family, one that everyone should strive for. But inside the walls of their house lived a secret only the family kept. Ever since Victoria showed signs of magical powers, her parents trained her in the Dark Arts. They were assuring that, when she grew older, she would be able to continue the traditions of the Death Eaters, and hopefully there would be a second movement. Victoria never had a say, but now that she’s older, she is developing a mind of her own.

As the Sorting Hat was placed on Victoria’s head, it took a moment to consider her options. It spoke her through it’s process, instantly removing Gryffindor and Ravenclaw from her choices. In the end, it decided she was best suited for Slytherin, even though it believed she would fit very well in Hufflepuff as well. This is a secret Victoria has kept to herself ever since that moment. After her parents heard the news of their daughter’s House, they couldn’t have been more proud. They sent letters to her every day for three weeks straight, congratulating her until Victoria said they were embarrassing her and to stop always sending her owls. Victoria has never excelled in school. Whenever she is taught new spells, she ends up struggling with them for a bit. One secret of her’s that she has kept to herself for many years is that she is not completely sure that she wants to be a part of the Fallen Phoenix. She doesn’t want another war to fall on them, but she also agrees with their beliefs. 

It is extremely hard to get inside of Victoria’s head. She’s a very complicated girl, very rarely allowing people to get to know her. Her walls are up very high, just as her parents had taught her when she was younger. They used to tell her that if you get to close to people, it is possible that they can use your secrets against you, which is why it is very hard for Victoria to learn to trust someone. But once someone is able to bring those walls of her’s down and get to know her more, she can be very kind. She’s loyal to the people she’s close to and would do anything for them. Victoria is also very well-mannered and proper, just like many other purebloods. Although, she also has that darker, Slytherin side that matches her with the rest of her House. Her parents had taught her when she was younger that if there is someone who is less than her, they should be treated that way. This specifically deals with mudbloods, who don’t even deserve to go to the same school as her. 


  • Scorpius Malfoy - Cousin. Victoria loves her cousin. In fact, she sees him more as a brother than anything else. He is the very first person who was able to bring down her walls, and that was back when they were young children. Ever since then, they have been very close.
  • Molly WeasleyFriend. Molly and Victoria have gotten along ever since they first met. At first, she didn’t like the fact that Molly was a Weasley. But after they got to know each other, she realized how similar she and Molly truly are and have been friends ever since.
  • Madison LawrenceEnemy. Madison is the prime example of how Victoria feels about mudbloods. Ever since that first moment they had spoken, Victoria has teased her and done whatever she could to make her life a living hell. Victoria feels that Madison doesn’t belong in the same school as her, so she treats her that way.

Other Relationships: N/A

Titles: N/A

Anonymous asked: Mind giving a preview of Louis Weasley? Thanks!

Louis Weasley will be a Hufflepuff with the fc of Chace Crawford. He is a very relaxed, laid back kind of guy. He’s very accepting and open-minded with everyone and everything. He never had to take charge when he was younger (he was the middle child, after all) and now he is very easygoing. 

Anonymous asked: What's the current date in the RP?

Due to the fact that, if we used the current date, summer’s right around the corner, the date for the rp will be in late September. So this is after all of the students have already arrived to Hogwarts and are settled in, but are looking forward to the new school year.

Anonymous asked: When are you accepting next and is there an ooc?

I have not decided the next acceptance date. I received a reservation for Frank Longbottom that asked for time until May 3rd, due to the fact that they will be away until then. Because of this, I will not be accepting the role of Frank Longbottom until later. I will keep everyone posted.

And yes, there is an ooc blog. It doesn’t like to cooperate with me which is why it has taken so long to send the link out, but I’m trying to fix it!

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Anonymous asked: Is there an OOC blog?

Yes there is! It’s taking a bit for me to send out the link, though. For some reason, it doesn’t want to work for everyone, so I’m trying to fix that! Thank you guys for being so patient!

Anonymous asked: When are you going to post Victoria Greengrass? On that note, could you give me a preview of her? Thank you.

I can add her to the list of bios I’m currently working on! I’ll try to post it as soon as possible.

Victoria Greengrass has the fc of Amber Heard and in Slytherin House. She’s a cousin of Scorpius Malfoy, and she was raised just like any true pureblood should be. The big manor, possessing more money than needed, growing up as an only child… She’s not the nicest girl around, but if you’re able to have a closer relationship with her, she’s a lot sweeter than you would expect. Although, her walls are very high and it’s hard for her to trust others.